Buying your next car does not have to be costly.  You can now own a car that suits your lifestyle and fulfills your needs at rock bottom pricing.  Join us at Gauvin Motors, where you can find your next dream car for sale in Swift Current, SK for under $10K.  Our staff know new or more expensive is not always better.  Many of our used cars are loaded with all the technology, features, and luxury you can ever need without having to pay more out of pocket.  You can also save money by buying a pre-owned car of the same make and model as a new car while evading the initial depreciation a new car suffers once taken off the lot and onto your driveway.  Do you need financing?  No problem!  Financing payments are still available for cars in our bargain inventory.  When you buy a car under $10K your monthly payments and length of term are greatly reduced.  This allows greater flexibility of paying off your vehicle in as little or as much time as you need.  Contact Us for a list of available pre-owned vehicles under $10K and experience driving a used car with a brand-new feel.